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We are currently under stealth mode, coming out of stealth soon in 2024, but happy to talk to you to discuss your interests and needs and explore the potential of quantum computing in your sector relevant to your business goals.


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Getting you quantum ready

How can your business or operations stay up to date with recent disruptive developments in quantum technologies?

Learn more from our specially designed to your needs workshops that include hand-ons quantum programming sessions using our quantum software tools.

Custom made quantum solutions

We provide technology analysis and in house R &D on what exactly quantum computing will allow your business to do, based on your data at hands, and help you develop your own quantum roadmap. This is the most effective way for your business to be quantum ready!

Example industries we work with include market research, finance, energy and sustainability, and supply chain. Our quantum, and quantum inspired AI and optimization software is optimized to solve clients’ hardest computational complex challenges operating on state of the art quantum and classical hardware.