Custom made quantum software solutions getting you quantum ready now!

We are currently in stealth, coming out soon in 2024, but here is the big picture:

  • We provide technology analysis and in house R &D on what exactly quantum computing will allow your business to do, based on your data/use case at hands, and help you develop your own quantum roadmap.
  • Depending the use case at hand, we deploy our qubit efficient quantum algorithms to solve it for you, showcasing the potential for business value, getting you quantum ready,
  • Example industries we work with include logistics, transport, scheduling, for commercial but also defense use cases, as well energy management and sustaibility.
  • Our solutions are hardware agnostic and are run on quantum hardware provided by our partners on the cloud or on premises.

The first step-talk to us!


We are happy to talk to you to discuss your interests and needs. No strings attached, just write to us at:, one paragraph to max half a page, with the following:

"Our company level of exposure to quantum computing is:

a) Zero, what the hell is this QC about? We have some tough computationally challenging use cases, but not really know how to tackle them, in some we don't even have a mathematical model, so not sure whether quantum can help.

b) We have watched some quantum videos online, listened to some QC talks, have some AI/data analytics team interested,  a use case and/or a mathematical model for it, but don't know how to proceed.

c) We have experimented with quantum computing/ basic quantum programming online, have some ideas about what we want to do/use cases, but need expert help.

d) We have done POCs with other quantum companies, but would like to go deeper and explore business value now using the cool sounding AngelQ qubit compression algorithms

e) We have our own quantum computing team in house, but would like to connect with you and explore possibilities."